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John Zelzer

(303) 522-5543

Event Name: Anniversary

Contact Person: John Zelzer - (303) 522-5543 || [email protected]

Delivery Address: 5285 Joliet St, , Denver, Colorado, 80239

Setup Time: 04:00 am
Event Setup Info: We are holding a buffet style event at Leopoldo Brothers Distillery & will have all the food prepared the day before, however, I would like a food truck or cart on site so that our staff can warm the food to serve & replenish the chaffing dishes.
Parking and unloading Details: Parking lot

Event Date: 04/18/2020

Event Time: 05:00 am
Event End Time: 09:00 am

Who Will Pay: Host

How Many People: 90


Event Notes: Again I am just looking for use if a truck. Not sure if something like this exists, but thought maybe a business that does late night downtown might be interested in making a quick $500 just to show up & let us warm our food then head out to LoDo or some other late night attraction.

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