214 Zenobia St
Denver, CO 80219

[email protected]

Invoice Number ERC-4028
Invoice Date September 13, 2021
Due Date September 20, 2021
Total Due $0.00
Viega LLC

(316) 882-5767

How many People Are You Expecting:  200


The Taco Bar: Services 2-3 Tacos Per Person

Taco Toppings: Tortilla, Shredded Cheese, Chopped Lettuce, Pico De Gallo, Onions

Protein: Shredded Specialty Chicken, Southwest Ground Butter Beef

Sauces: Mild Chipotle, Creamy Avacado, Cilantro Lime

Cutlery: Plastic Plates, Paper Napkins, Forks, Serving Utensils,

Vegetarian & Glutin Free: Yes, 10%

COVID-19 STATION -is a sanitation area  with 70% Alcohol sanitizer, all workers will wash hands and wear masks and gloves

Savory Food Truck



Event Name: Viega Knockout Event

Event Name: Viega LLC

Contact Person: Melisa Moore - (316) 882-5767 || [email protected]

Delivery Address: 285 Rio Grande Blvd, , Denver, Colorado, 80223

Setup Time: 10:00 am
Event Setup Info: Setup an hour early at 10 am Thursday, Sept. 23rd?
Parking and unloading Details: From the Google Maps view of Rampart Supply, it looks like there is plenty of room in the parking lot to set up. Maybe check with the employees upon arrival as to where would be a good spot?

Event Date: 10/07/2021

Event Time: 11:00 am
Event End Time: 01:00 pm

Who Will Pay: Host

How Many People: 200

Event Notes:

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
200 Street Tacos (Food Truck)
200 Drink Station
2 Food Truck Staff $80.00$160.00
Sub Total $2,800.00
Tax $232.40
Admin Service Fee $588.00
Paid -$3,620.40
Total Due $0.00