214 Zenobia St
Denver, CO 80219

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Invoice Number ERC-3946
Invoice Date June 1, 2021
Due Date June 15, 2021
Total Due $0.00
Mersive Technologies

(518) 708-0695

How many People Are You Expecting:  60


shredded Specialty Chicken, Southwest Ground Butter Beef

Sauces: Mild Chipotle, CreaThe Taco Bar: Services 2-3 Tacos Per Person

Taco Toppings: Tortilla, Shredded Cheese, Chopped Lettuce, Pico De Gallo, Onions

Protein: Smy Avacado, Cilantro Lime

Cutlery: Plastic Plates, Paper Napkins, Forks, Serving Utensils,


Vegetarian & Glutin Free: Yes, 10%


COVID-19 STATION -is a sanitation area  with 70% Alcohol sanitizer, all workers will wash hands and wear masks and gloves




Event Name: Mersive Welcome Back BBQ

Event Name: Mersive Technologies

Contact Person: Helena Czaban - (518) 708-0695 || [email protected]

Delivery Address: 2399 Blake Street, Ste 150, Denver, Colorado, 80205

Setup Time: 02:00 pm
Event Setup Info: We will be setting up in our parking lot downtown at 2399 Blake Street. We may need wristbands since there is a residential complex next door. The event will be indoor and outdoor. We plan to have around 50 people.
Parking and unloading Details: Back North Parking Lot

Event Date: 06/10/2021

Event Time: 03:00 pm
Event End Time: 05:30 pm

Who Will Pay: Host

How Many People: 45

Rental Drop Off: 2 pm

Rental Pick up: 5:30 pm

Event Notes: Open to any easy meal set up. We will have a few vegetarians but want to keep the meal relatively simple and able to be generally safe from touching others food (*COVID safety - more grab and go than catering pans)

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
1 Street Tacos (Food Truck)
60 Chips and salsa
1 Large Cooler Rental
2 6 Foot Round Tables
20 Economy Chair
1 Cab Table
1 Delivery & Pick up
10 Additional Guest
3 10x10 Event Pop-up Tents
1 Gratuity $374.60$374.60
Sub Total $2,247.60
Tax $186.55
Admin Service Fee $404.57
Paid -$2,838.72
Total Due $0.00