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ERC Invoice Elements by Mills Force Inc

Connect by Responding Quickly According to LeadResponseManagement.Org, businesses responding within one hour of receiving a request are 10 times more likely to connect with a client than if they wait more than one hour. Within that first hour, calling a client in the first 5 minutes businesses are 21 times more likely to connect than waiting

The Admin fee covers the following. Administration fees are industry standard and include the following The event insurance policy. We add your business name and venue to our 2 million dollars insurance policy, to protect both our client and us just in case something goes wrong. It covers vehicle travel It allows us to keep

1 – Once a client has paid the deposit for an event, it needs to be added to the Event Resource Center calendar.   2 – From the Google Calendar, click the create button to enter a new event.   3 – Add the title and adjust the date / time to match the event

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