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Sending a Quote With the Quote Builder

1 – Open three separate tabs with the following pages

ERC Quotes – Link


ERC Posts –Link


Quote Builder – Link


2 – Locate the lead in the ‘Posts’ and ‘Quotes’ section of the dashboard and open each entry.


3 – Use the information from the post to fill out the Event Details on the Quote Builder







4 – Once the Event Details have been filled out, Copy/Paste them into the quote description


5 – Change the title of the quote to the following format: [Name of Event] [Event Date] | [Event Time] – [Initials]


6 – In the Line Items section, add items to the quote based on client preferences. To add a new item, click ‘Add another item’ at the bottom of the section


7 – Use the email templates on the quote builder to send a message to the client at the email address provided in the post. Make sure to change the items highlighted in red before sending the message and include a link to the quote.

8 – Once the email has been sent, add a comment to the quote in the comments section to communicate that the quote has been sent. You can use the comments section in the quote builder to assist you.


9 – Change the status of the quote from ‘draft’ to ‘sent’ and hit the update button on the quote