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Event Resource Center Message Guide

We Are Improving Customer Clarity With  Consistent Messaging

Tag Line:

Everything you need in one place



Event Resource Center’s mission is to be a supermarket for event planners and people planning events. Event Resource Center is the authority in the Event industry

Event Resource Center is a lead generator!


Value Proposition: 

Save time, stress, and money by hiring a One-stop-shop for event planners and people planning events (The Narrative)


Elevator Speech:

  • 30 Sec Pitch v1: Event Resource Center is a supermarket for people planning events. We have it all food trucks, catering, tents, tables, chairs, linen and more.
  • 30 Sec Pitch v2: Event Resource Center is a one-stop-shop for all your event needs, we provide catering and food trucks to event rentals and bartenders. we help people throw corporate and private events from 15 people to 350 people and we help event professionals with logistics.


Boilerplate Language:

Event Resource Center is a supermarket for people planning events. Helps its customers create memorable event experiences by providing catering, food trucks, event rentals, bartending and more from one source.

Event Resource Center (ERC) is one of the top Food Truck booking platforms in the Denver Metro Area, ERC makes it easy for people planning events to book food trucks and event rentals ERC planners will event book your DJ and other entertainment. you can start booking your t party today by login in to


Who Are Our Customers?

  • People planning parties that need food 
  • Foodies who desire creative culinary flavors
  • Friend groups who are fans of cocktail mixology
  • Companies who do employee lunches and precautions days 
  • Families who plan grad parties 
  • Event planners who need specialty items and equipment 
  • Entrepreneurs who need food and equipment


How Are We Doing?

  • We have provided services for large companies like Amazon, king Soopers, whole foods, home advisor and more 
  • Our website and brands are top-ranked in Google search
  • We own and operate 3 food trucks concepts Sugar Storm, Savory Kitchen and the Foodie Cart
  • We get over 60k visits to our website each month
  • We served over 300 customers last summer
  • The majority of our customers are corporate
  • We own 3 of the food trucks we manage
  • We received over 2000 requests


What We Are Not

  • Nightclub Promoters
  • A restaurant
  • We don’t build food trucks for customers

5 Who Are Our Customers? Statement

  • Event Planners
  • Event Goers
  • College Graduates
  • HR Directors

Product & Service Statements

  • Food Trucks
  • Food Carts
  • Catering
  • Event Rental
  • Event Staff