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Food Truck Fulfilment Timeline & Procedures

Customer Pays Invoice Deposit

  • Make sure all event details are on the event invoice and it is clear.

Add event details to the calendar

  • Add event to the Event Resource Center or Savory Kitchen Calendar 
    • Copy-paste all the event details to the description area of the calendar 
      • Make sure it includes the day of the contact persons phone number 

Add Shop out Date calendar

  • Set date for shop out in the calendar
    • This should be 2 to 4 days before the event, coordinate this time with the chef 

Identify all equipment needed for the event 

  • Reserve all rental equipment with Event Resource Center warehouse 

Hire Vendors

  • Reserve any rentals or equipment that Event Resource Center Does not have with a partnering company 
    • Event Resource Center Partner List 
      • Guzmans Party Rentals 
        • 720-427-3597
      • Denver Galm Events 

Hire Staff 

  •   Identify how many staff is needed for the event
    • Call or email each person and have them register to work the event.  

Shop Out 

  • Use a list when shopping out 
  • Shop outs should not take more than 2 hours 
  • Chef or event planners do shop outs 

Food Prep 

  • Follow all approved Event Resource Center recipes 

Load Food to truck 

  • Place warm and hot food in hot boxes 
  • Cold food goes in lower fridges or under tables 
  • Make sure everything is secure 

Drive to event 

  • Only approved drivers can drive the trucks 
  • Only two people can ride in the food truck 
    • Must wear seat belt when the truck is moving 

Greet host and park truck

  • The event planner or team captain should introduce themselves to the host and confirm truck parking and setup timing  

Setup Event

  • Setup the food assembly and make sure everyone knows what they are responsible for  

Open Window when ready  

  • Open the owning to signal that you are ready 

Service Is Live 

  • Make sure gloves are on when handling food
  • Smile and be extra personable 
  • Go the extra mile for customers whenever possible 

Close down & Cleaning 

  • Confirm with host before closing down 
  • Clean and sanitize all surfaces 
  • Clear off all table tops 
  • Put hot and warm food in hotboxes 
  • Place all chafers and pan under the cooking area 
  • Sweep the floor of the truck
  • Put all trash in the garbage and replace garbage liner 
  • Pull in the generator 
  • Have the truck ready for the next event 

Drive truck back to hub

  • Do not make any stops unless its to get gas 

Clean  all used equipment 

  • Clean all the kitchen equipment 

Send customer a thank you note

  • Send a thank you card using the post office or send an email thank you.


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